Every effort is taken to ensure that our products arrive in a good condition and are safe and stable to use for their intended purpose, but please remember;

General Information

  • These products are designed to etch metals, so they will gladly etch your skin; take care to protect yourself before handling the containers.
  • The ingredients used to manufacture these products are extreme chemicals, so please wear the appropriate safety equipment, even when handling small amounts of the product.
  • Some products have specific hazards to avoid, so please read the safety data sheet carefully to fully understand the implications of using these products responsibly.
  • Safety Data Sheets are issued with every product purchased and are included in the parcel.
  • If you require safety data sheets before ordering contact us here.
  • Any products that are designed to be ‘mixed fresh’ have been tested to ensure the mixing process and mixtures are safe to use for the duration of their recommended use.

Storage & Use Considerations

  • Always read the label before use.
  • Keep containers closed when not in use.
  • Avoid using glass with any product that contains Hydrofluoric Acid
  • When using flammable products avoid any sources of ignition.
  • Do not mix waste products containing Nitric Acid with organic material, such as alcohol.
  • Protect the innocent (i.e. the people who share your work space; maintenance, janitorial, secretarial, administrative staff).

Safety Recommendions

  • Ensure there is an adequate supply of fresh water available nearby in case of spillage or inadvertent contact.
  • If you are using a product that contains Hydrofluoric Acid, please ensure that Calcium Gluconate gel or equivalent is easily accessible at all times.
  • Protect your hands with chemical resistant gloves.
  • Protect your eyes, at all times, with safety glasses.

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