dangerous chemicals

These products are designed to etch the hardest metals and metal alloys, the raw materials to manufacture these products are dangerous chemicals. Their storage, handling and use should be managed by experienced professionals in a controlled environment. We can’t eliminate your exposure to these dangerous chemicals, but we can minimise their risks by providing you with a preblended product.

our products

Using their extensive chemical knowledge and know-how, combined with other reliable sources, our suppliers study the formula and its’ intended use to produce a product that:

  • Complies with current legislation for containers & labelling.
  • has documented physico-chemical properties.
  • Is supplied with a Safety Data Sheet.
  • Is manufactured to the same high quality every time.
Our Philosophy

Safety, efficacy, repeatability, & robustness.

All these attributes help you to understand how to use our products, how to store them, how to dispose of them, but more importantly, how to keep everybody safe. These attributes also help our supplier to give you a definable product


Enjoy the best design and function combined together

Your purchase of our products enables us to to invest our time in creating a safer product for you. A safer product means we can supply you with all the information you need to handle, use & store our products safely. Giving you a definable product means we can extend our range and create more products for you. More products means greater choice, Greater choice gives you more options to discover and create.


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